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Western Thoracic Surgical Association
President, Term: Oct 02, 2021
Richard I. Whyte, MD, MBA

Vice President, Term: Oct 02, 2021
Joseph C. Cleveland, Jr., M.D.

Immediate Past President, Term: Oct 02, 2021
Patricia A. Thistlethwaite, MD

Secretary, Term: Oct 02, 2021
Michael P. Fischbein, MD, PhD

Treasurer, Term: Oct 02, 2021
Jessica S. Donington, MD

Councilor-at-Large, Term: Oct 02, 2021
Brian L. Reemtsen, MD

Councilor-at-Large, Term: Jun 25, 2022
Daniel L. Serna, MD

Councilor-at-Large, Term: Jun 24, 2023
Y. Joseph Woo, MD

Councillor/Founder, Term: Jun 24, 2023
Arthur N. Thomas, MD

Historian, Term: Oct 02, 2021
Douglas E. Wood, MD

Rep to ACS Board of Governors, Term: Oct 28, 2021
Sean C. Grondin, MD

Editor, Term: Oct 02, 2021
Richard D. Weisel, MD


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