21st Century Founders Fund

For over two decades, the Postgraduate Course at the Western Thoracic Surgical Association Annual Meeting benefited from outside support. These endowments ended in 2016, at which time the WTSA Council sought new support to ensure the long-term viability of the Postgraduate Course as well as other educational activities offered at the Annual Meeting. To achieve this goal, the Western has established the 21st Century Founders Fund.

To support the unrestricted 21st Century Founders Fund, the WTSA Council is asking each Association member to consider a generous donation of 1000 USD. This may be in the form of either a single 1000 USD donation, or one 500 USD donation with a pledge to give an additional 500 USD within the next calendar year.

Those who donate 1000 USD will be gratefully acknowledged in perpetuity as members of the 21st Century Founders Club on the WTSA website and at the Annual Meeting via ribbons, signage, and meeting app listings.

You may donate online by credit card via the Members Only Area; you may also donate by credit card via secure fax or by check by downloading the Contribution Form.

It is the Association's hope that the 21st Century Founders Fund will allow the WTSA to continue as a vibrant society serving thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons within the Western region and beyond.

21st Century Founders Club
(reflects those who have donated 1000 USD through June 7, 2019)

Craig J. Baker
John R. Benfield
Ross M. Bremner
David A. Bull
Robbin G. Cohen
Joseph C. Cleveland, Jr.
Jessica Donington
James I. Fann
Anthony P. Furnary
Sean C. Grondin
Steven W. Guyton
Charles Hoopes
Frederick M. Howden
James Jaggers
Eric J. Lehr
Donald E. Low
James C. MacMillan
Sunil P. Malhotra
John R. Mehall
J. Scott Millikan
John D. Mitchell
R. Scott Mitchell
Craig H. Selzman
Jess L. Thompson
Frederick A. Tibayan
Richard I. Whyte
Joseph Woo
Douglas E. Wood


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