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The Western Thoracic Surgical Association:

Applications for the 2022 cycle are now available. Applicants have until March 1, 2022, to provide all supporting materials, which include CV with bibliography, three sponsor recommendations, and copies of the candidate's three most significant articles.
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Active Membership
Individuals may apply for Active membership in the WTSA, based on the following guidelines:

Active Member $375.00 annually, plus $50.00 initiation fee.
Applicant must:

Candidate Membership
Individuals may apply for Candidate membership in the WTSA, based on the following guidelines:

Candidate Member $100.00 annually.
Applicant must:

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If you have any questions regarding the online application process, please contact the WTSA Administrative Office at:

Western Thoracic Surgical Association
500 Cummings Center, Suite 4400
Beverly, MA 01915-6183
Phone: (978) 927-8330
Fax: (978) 524-0461
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The Western Thoracic Surgical Association (WTSA) was founded in 1974 and was originally named the Samson Thoracic Surgical Association. Read More

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