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2021 New Members
Congratulations to all of the 2021 New Members. Following is the list of 15 Active and 16 Candidate members who were newly elected to the WTSA at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

New Active Members:
John deGraft-Johnson, MD, Modesto, CA
Jennifer M. Hanna, MD, MBA, Aurora, CO
David Mauchley, MD, Seattle, WA
Raghav Murthy, MD, DABS, FACS, FACC, New York, NY
Tom C. Nguyen, MD, San Francisco, CA
Hao Pan, MD, Loveland, CO
Sara J. Pereira, MD, Salt Lake City, UT
Michael J. Sasevich, MD, Modesto, CA
Aleem Siddique, MBBS, Omaha, NE

New Active Members Upgrading from Candidate Membership:
Zachary E. Brewer, MD, Sacramento, CA
Chun W. Choi, MD, Baltimore, MD
Matheau A. Julien, MD, PhD, San Francisco, CA
Natalie Lui, MD, Stanford, CA
Thomas P. Templin, II, MD, Tacoma, WA
Harma K. Turbendian, MD, Jacksonville, FL
New Candidate Members:
Aaron M. Abarbanell, MD, St. Louis, MO
Brett L. Broussard, MD, Sun City, AZ
Elizabeth M. Colwell, MD, Milwaukee, WI
Irmina Anna Elliott, MD, Stanford, CA
Katharina Fetten, MD, La Jolla, CA
Luis A. Godoy, MD, Sacramento, CA
Brandon A. Guenthart, MD, Stanford, CA
Burhan Hassan, MD, Portland, OR
Gurion Lantz, MD, Portland, OR
Richard Lee, MD, Seattle, WA
Jonathan Praeger, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Ruchi Thanawala, MD, MS, Portland, OR
Caitlin Wahl, MD, Portland, OR
Walter C. Wakwe, MD, Gilbert, AZ

The Western Thoracic Surgical Association (WTSA) was founded in 1974 and was originally named the Samson Thoracic Surgical Association. Read More

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